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Sat, Aug 31


250 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

BEDLAM Party (1)

Monthly Fetish Party taking place in a real permanent Dungeon :)

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BEDLAM Party  (1)
BEDLAM Party  (1)

Time & Location

Aug 31, 2019, 9:00 PM – Sep 01, 2019, 1:00 AM

250 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

About the event

• Our events are OPEN TO ALL and to the public, we attract an average of 200+ monthly guests. Just FYI :)

• Every Month - we transform NYC's biggest permanent BDSM Dungeon into a Night Club! :) Where people have the freedom to dance, socialize, observe and/ or play!! :))

• Music by: DJ Ginplo & DJ TwiZted BrotherZ

• No advanced tickets - $25 entry fee per person - cash only at the door.

• No dress code - fetish or all black encouraged but not enforced.

What kind of party is BEDLAM?

* The quickest way to describe BEDLAM - is that we transform NYC's biggest permanent Dungeon into a Night Club - where people have the freedom to dance (yes we do have a dance floor), mingle/ socialize, observe/ learn and/ or indulge in BDSM play in a clean and safe environment.

Is BEDLAM a monthly party?

* Yeppers :) BEDLAM takes place every month - regardless of weather condition. No need to ask us if the party is still happening due to a storm, unless you receive an email from us - as we would email every RSVPer (including maybes) while being very loud on every social media. To this day, we haven't cancelled or skipped a party since we opened doors in 2015 - and we don't plan on doing so, as we work very hard to bringing you BEDLAM every month.

Is this month a themed party?

* Anyone is more than welcome to attend our parties dressed in whatever theme they prefer - whether our party falls on a specific con or movie opening night :) We welcome all themes on any given night that BEDLAM takes place - we encourage people to express themselves however they like :) whether it's for a specific theme or kink ~ we welcome all and open to all :))

Are photos or videos allowed?

* NO PHOTOS or VIDEOS of any kind - unless authorized & supervised by the Host or Security - as we make sure everyone’s privacy is respected.

Is smoking allowed inside the venue?

* Nope, however, unlimited re-entry is allowed in case our guests need to step out for any reasons - just make sure to get stamped on the way out.

Is coat check available?

* Yeppers :) $3 per coat or per bag.

Do you sell or serve alcoholic beverages?

* The venue sells and serves non-alcoholic drinks such as: Sodas, juices, energy drinks, bottled water and more - at around $3 each. We do not sell or serve alcohol, but you're more than welcome to bring your own poison ;) and drink responsibly. PS- Plenty of Bars & Liquor stores in the area.

Do you sell advanced tickets?

* Nope - we try to keep things simple :) $25 cash per person at the door - the venue accepts cash only.

Do you offer discounts?

* Yes! A 20% discount has already been applied to the PADDLES regular admission fee - courtesy of're welcome! ;D

How do I become a member?

* We do not have a membership program. All are welcome - from the vanillas and curious - to the newbies and intermediate - all the way to experienced.

Is it Gay/ Lesbian friendly?

* YES ~ WE WELCOME ALL!!! Regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation - whether your gay, lesbian, straight, queer, transsexual, transgender, pansexual and etc.. - we mean business when we say OPEN TO ALL!! :)

What kind of crowd to expect?

* Since we are OPEN TO ALL & WELCOME ALL (18 and above) we attract a diverse crowd of mixed folks of all ages, experience levels, and gender identity.

How many people usually attend BEDLAM?

* We usually attract an average of 200+ attendees each party (throughout the party) - between Fetlife -, Facebook - and Email RSVPs - - along with Twitter, Tumblr - & Instagram - social media marketing - along with Paper Posters & Flyers throughout NYC (and some NJ, PA & CT) each Month.

Does it get crowded with 200+ people?

* Noticed I said "throughout the party" - meaning that we get a total of 200+ people in waives - from the ones who arrive and leave earlier in the evening, to the ones arriving and leaving later in the evening - all the way to the wee hours folks ;) We also have the option of opening/ renting extra rooms in Pandora's Box Dungeon (the next door Dungeon attached to ours) if it gets too crowded - transforming our HUGE 5,000 Sq Ft Dungeon to a HUMONGOUS 6,500 Sq Ft Dungeon!! :)) Adding not only more space, but more BDSM equipment as well, from 30+ pcs of equipment to 40+ pcs. PS: The Dungeon we rent from (aka Paddles Dungeon), is not only the biggest Dungeon in NYC ~ but also the most equipped ~ we plenty of BDSM furniture to choose from ~ in several areas throughout the Dungeon.

Is there dancing?

* We transform our Dungeon into a Night Club Fetish Party - where folks have the option of engaging in BDSM play, or dance, or observe while enjoying the view and music :) Deep House Music by: DJ TwiZted BrotherZ & DJ Ginplo

Do I have to Play?

* Absolutely not - you're more than welcome to mingle, dance, play, watch/ observe, meet other kinksters, potential playmates and etc. You don't have to do anything you don't want to - as we strive to providing a safe, sane and consensual play space.

Is there BDSM/ Fetish furniture?

* YES!! Paddles NYC (the venue we rent from) is a REAL 5,000 sq ft Permanent Dungeon equipped with all the goodies: Prison Cells, Suspended Cages, Bondage Chairs, Bondage Tables, St. Andrew Crosses, Suspension Points, Spreader Bars, Spanking Benches and more! Additional Suspension Tripods are installed - courtesy of BEDLAM.

Do you have a strict dress code?

* Fetish or all black is encouraged - absolutely not enforced. This means that you're welcome to dress to impress or come as you are most comfortable in.

Resident Monthly Guest Players - what does this mean exactly?

* This means that (pending availability) we invite/ house experienced players who enjoy playing with volunteers amongst attendees - however, they are not obligated to play with anyone - just as attendees are not obligated to playing with anyone they don't feel comfortable with - without giving any specific reason. PS: Please and thank you go a long way ;).

I'm new to the BDSM scene

* The Host is a Kink educator with a broad general knowledge of the BDSM scene, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

It's my first BEDLAM or first party ever - what do I do?!

* Not to worry - we have 3 super friendly Ambassadors (aka BEDLAM's Angels) that will greet you as soon as you walk in our Dungeon - just mention that it's your fist time at BEDLAM and they would be more than happy to escort you around, show you where everything is (including our resident players), go over rules of conduct, and answer any questions you might have.

Do you think I can find someone to play with?

* We cannot predict or guarantee that each solo-guest will find a play partner - but we encourage anyone to attend our Munch beforehand to increase their chances ;). The munch takes place at Smithfield Hall, 138 West 25th Street, NYC - 7pm to 9pm - Free to attend (Food and drink on your own) - Dress code: Street legal/Public appropriate.

Will there be available Suspension Points and Furniture if Resident & Guest Players are using them?

* Of course! Resident & Monthly Guest Players (combined) are allowed to use only less than 10% of the Dungeon - with plenty of hard points and furniture for everyone else to use.

We are from out of town, want to play but didn't bring any toys.

* Paddles NYC (the venue we rent from) lends toys to any guest (pending availability) at no additional fee - they just require an ID to hold on to, until toys are returned.

Who do we talk to if an issue arises during the party or if I’m being harassed by someone?

* The Host or labelled Dungeon Monitors - which will handle all issues immediately. The Host's #1 priority is to make sure everyone feels safe at BEDLAM - hence why labeled Dungeon Monitors are connected to the Host via radios. And to take it one step further; the Host & Dungeon Monitors refrain from all play (throughout the party) in order to be ready and available to tackle any issue immediately, while they walk around the Dungeon - our DMs are trained professionals, not volunteers.

Can we volunteer for BEDLAM?

* We’ve stopped accepting volunteers positions for a while now - all staff members are hired trained professionals - all positions are currently filled.

Is there parking?

* Easy street parking is available after 7pm on 26th St. (the street where the entrance is located) also a 24 hours garage is available - directly across the street from the venue.

Hotel Suggestions?

* If you’re traveling from out of town or just wanna spend the night in the city that never sleeps ;) we recommend Carlton Arms Hotel - with rooms starting at $90 per night and within walking distance from our party - you’re welcome! ;D

I lost an item at BEDLAM and didn't realize til I got home - what do I do?

* As much as we would love to help - we have zero control over what happens at venue after our party is over - and no access to the venue's list of scheduled 44 monthly parties - and unaware as to which staff is working on which date and time. So, your best bet is to contact Michael (the owner of the venue) at Paddles information line:(412) 313-4774- so that he can get in touch with a specific staff and clean up crew while they inspect the lost and found - and hopefully get back to you with some good news.

BEDLAM Parties provide a HUGE 5,000 Sq Ft fully equipped permanent Dungeon - where guests enjoy a clean and safe place to indulge in their kink :)

PS- Multiple cleaning supplies & stations are available throughout the Dungeon - courtesy of Paddles NYC.


BEDLAM & Master Vito

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